Who We Are

Hymm + Holly was founded in 2020 by Lisa + Liv, a mother-daughter duo crafting every candle and sculpture by hand with a mission to celebrate the human body.

We aim to be inclusive in our representation of the myriad, beautiful skin tones and shapes of human bodies. We are conscious that there is no one body standard and, in an ongoing practice,
we strive to showcase this belief with every figure.

The creative energy of Hymm + Holly continues with the launch of our incense and sculptural incense holders, a passion project of Lisa’s creation. Every statue in all collections can be customized and purchased as an optional incense holder.

Our incense is made with one hundred percent pure essential oils and is vegan friendly: no animal products are used, and no animals are harmed in the making of this product. Additionally, our incense comes in eco-friendly, recyclable packaging made from recycled paper.

As we launch our incense, we would like to acknowledge and respect the cultural, spiritual significance of burning herbs and woods, such as sage and Palo Santo, for Indigenous peoples across North and South America.

We are proud to partner with One Tree Planted, an organization committed to global reforestation by planting one tree for every dollar received. We will donate One dollar USD from every package of incense sold, to One Tree Planted.